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Are you super-ultra-geeked about jpop/jrock, anime & manga, Japanese games, TV/movies, fashion, idols, or other cool stuff from Japan in general? Do you have your own Web site or blog that deals with these kinds of topics (not necessary but would be great if you already do), and do you love to write and express your views on the latest from the Japanese entertainment world? If so, we would love for you to JOIN OUR STAFF!


A “Staff Writer” or “Contributing Editor” would do any or all of these following things:
- contribute reviews,
- write a regular column related to some aspect of Japanese culture or entertainment,
- become a forum moderator,
- send in late-breaking news items or cool j-links, etc…You can do any or all of these, depending on your interest and level of expertise on the given subject matter! [Please also feel free to suggest any other ideas you may have]. There is no set time commitment required per se (although we would prefer it if you could write at least once per week), everyone who is a big fan of “cool Japanese stuff” is welcome to join us by contributing their editorial thoughts on the Blog or Forum…. (Check out our STAFF BLOG or FORUM to see more of what we mean ;)


Although at this time we do not have any full or part-time, regular “paid positions” available for contributing editors :-[ , we do have a number of ways we can possibly thank you for your help that we think you might like :-]. Some of these could include: links/banners promoting your site or page; hosting your fan site or art work on our own server/Web space (we are considering compiling a network of “otaku fan sites” where select fans can host their sites and skip those annoying free “pop-up sites” – details on this are still being worked out at this time); access to promotional goods we receive (we get some pretty good stuff from time to time based on our ties with top Japanese entertainment companies;) ); a showcase for your work (who knows who could be reading your reviews or checking out your work! ^_^ ), in addition to other possibilities, depending on the results of our collective work! ;)


In addition, if you have a cool link that you’d like to share, or if you run a similar Japanese entertainment-related Web site and would like to exchange links, please feel free to CONTACT US! If you are an artist, musician, photographer, or designer whose work reflects a Japanese or other Asian-related style, and would like to showcase your work, we would love for you to contact us as well – we can definitely help you with that! ;) P.S. We would also really love it if you could place a LINK TO US on your Web site or page! If you would like to link to us, please feel free to use either a basic text link to the following URL: (, or visit this page for some official link buttons and banners you can use to link to!


if you would like to join our team, or have any questions at all, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!! ^_^[Please feel free to forward this message or page link to anyone you know of who might be interested in joining us as a Staff Writer!]

Doumo arigatou!/thanks very much!

- The Jpopexpress Team




ABOUT JPOPEXPRESS.COM: is your complete Japanese entertainment portal site featuring shopping, news, and interactive Web community, focusing on all aspects of Japanese pop-culture: Japanese pop/rock music, animation, games, toys, and more! If it’s Japanese and cool, look for it here!



About Mr. Z

Hajimemashite and welcome to our site, from yours truly Webmaster Mr. Z! A bit about me: I am a Web & Graphic Designer from Michigan, USA, and have been into "cool Japanese stuff" for quite a while now. (Actually, the first exposure I can remember to Japanese animation was watching 'Speed Racer' as a kid in the 70s and also remember a friend of mine introducing me to the 'Project A-Ko' and 'Starblazer - Yamato' animes around mid to late 90s!) Yes, maybe I'm pretty old for a lot of you guys & gals - BUT I recently found out that I share the same birth-year as HYDE! So that is kind of cool :p. Other than that, I am also into other kinds of music (British pop/rock, dance/trance, jazz, fusion, world music, etc - anything good & cool!), art & design in general, vegetarianism, fitness, photography, and guitar! I first got into jpop music in the very late 90s/2000 by discovering acts like MAX, Ami Suzuki, Noriko Suzuki (anyone heard of her?), and others. I liked the upbeat, high-energy sound (oh and of course the girls were very cute too ^_^ ), but on perhaps a "higher note," I was particularly struck by the voice of anime seiyuu Maaya Sakamoto (In case you don't know her, she has done a lot of work with the composer Yoko Kanno, and her voice is featured on anime such as Escaflowne, Secret of Lodoss War, Wolf's Rain and others). I was so impressed by Maaya's music, that that was one of the reasons I started this site back in 2001. (I'll try to add my 'Favorites List' soon!). Of course I am also an "otaku," having great respect for the spirit, originality, and fun (and especially for a lot of the fantastic artwork & design!) of a lot of the makers of Japanese anime and manga. Games, yeah I'm kind of a game-geek too, but actually I don't get too much into the RPG like a lot of people do, I tend to prefer (for video games) the Action and Sports games. Welcome to, please enjoy your stay, and let us know what you think! Youkoso! ^_^ ....


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    Doumo arigatou Satsuki! We work very hard here at Jpopexpress to make this the coolest and best site it can possibly be, and we are always glad to hear when fans like our site! (If you like, please also feel free to Register with us so you can post your own news, reviews and other content anytime you want!)

    Thanks again, and many happy returns! :)

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    Hey, this site is soo cool (^_^)

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