“Playful Pop”: Now Seasonal

Apparently, I caught a tiny cold, but I can’t let that stop me.  Anyway, last month, I mentioned that “Swift Sweeps” will be a seasonal column.  Oh and I also mentioned earlier this month that it will be pushed back by a few months.  Well, “Playful Pop” will be seasonal too.

So, why will “Playful Pop” be seasonal too?  You are now looking at Anipike’s new magazine upbeat writer.  That is why.  Anipike’s magazine seriously needs help.  After all, where would I be without Anipike today?  Not here, that’s for sure.

If you are wondering, yes, I did type up editorial pieces for the Pike before.  I can’t give a very solid reason on why I did quit.  (The closest you will get to a solid reason is “I was too wild at the time,” which is what youth can do for you.) Now, I am bringing out pieces again for Anipike seeing that I now have a clear mindset.  Obviously, my style will be in the editorial pieces there.

I bet you’re wondering what will stay the same.  I will still bring out a review a month.  Oh and of course, I will check in on the site every now and then. (Well, it’s more likely two or three times a month.) So, that means you will still see my monthly rant.

So, that’s that.  I’m going to play “Tales of Vesperia” now.  At this point, I definitely want to play Rock’s latest game in “Mega Man IX”, but that won’t be out for at least another week or so.

-  Jackie “Manila” Baker

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