Jpop Review: Chemistry – Life Goes On (SINGLE)

This CD single release from Chemistry consists of two different versions of the title track: Life goes on~side K~, and Life goes on~side D~, along with karaoke versions of both tracks (without the vocals). [Actually, the instrumental version of "side D" includes SOME vocals in the background, so maybe if you don't happen to be the world's greatest jpop singer, the guys can help you out with some supporting harmony! ^_^]

Life goes on~side K~ starts off I would say rather “spiffy,” upbeat; it’s a pretty nice groove. On the other hand, Life goes on~side D~is much softer, slower-tempoed and sentimental (complete with strings/violin accompaniment in the background!).

Additionally, the song “Life Goes On” is also the theme song for the Japanese TV drama ‘Seiyo Kotto Yogashiten’ (based on a manga by Yoshinaga Fumi).

RATING: (4 out of 5 stars.)

Chemistry – Life Goes On

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RELEASE DATE: August 20, 2008
PRICE: US $11.99


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