Jpop Review: Kato Miliyah – Sayonara Baby (SINGLE)

Let me say, I like this release! ;)

The first song and title track SAYONARAベイベー (Sayonara Baby) opens with a soft short piano intro, only to launch ahead into the melodic strength of Kato Miliyah’s voice. (OK, I’ll admit that Miliyah’s voice is somewhat reminiscent of Utada Hikaru, I think you may notice the same thing too when you hear it, but this similarity is not overwhelming, don’t worry ;) .

The second song, 恋シテル (Love Shiteru), picks up the pace and rhythmic energy even further, with a, how can I call it, “catchy little whistling side melody” to accompany the song’s main melody, which has one of those infectious qualities to it. {Wow, I must say I hadn’t been familiar with Kato Miliyah’s music before, but I really like her voice, and the songs on ‘Sayonara Baby’ really allow her singing to stand out well.}

Track 3, PERFECT PITCH has what I will call a bit of a “stomping” beat to it, combining some elements of Algerian rai music along with a bit of gospel or soul flavor (interesting huh!).

The final track (4) is the instrumental version of ‘Sayonara Baby’, so lock yourself into that karaoke booth, and knock yourself out! hehe ^_^ .

Keep an eye on Kato Miliyah, as I predict she will be one of the next wave of jpop singing stars! (and BE SURE AND PICK UP THIS SINGLE!)

RATING: (4.5 out of 5 stars.)

Kato Miliyah – Sayonara Baby (SINGLE+DVD)

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RELEASE DATE: September 24, 2008
PRICE: US $17.99


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