AFA’08 Anime Festival Asia’08 Day 1

Some shorts are taken by my Panasonic Softbank 921P[Picture are abit blur or more] and Panasonic DMC-FX36.

Day 1 of AFA’08…

Got there at 8:40am and there was along que for the pre-register, after 20mins I only move like 10 foot steps… 9:45am Doors open to pre-register people, the first thing I did is head to the Sky Crawlers booth. Next went for the opening ceremony and Ichirou Mizuki was there to start off the day.

Took some pictures of figurines and outside of the event the was still a long que going on. Next I have my lunch[didn't take my breakfast] then back to AFA’08 to see a previwe of Sky Crawlers, bought a Yotsuba figurines for SG$15 and waited till 7pm for Ichirou Mizuki Concert.

The concert was the best part of the day, “Rocket-to Punch, Hero, ZZzz….” love his songs and a Kamen Rider did a Henshin pose on stage after that he was pull back down.

Can’t wait for tomorrow to see May’N concert and a Cosplay Compe.


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