AFA’08 Anime Festival Asia’08 Day 2

Day 2 of AFA’08 Anime Festival Asia’08..

Meet up with my friends at City Hall, then we headed to SunTec for AFA’08 at 2:30pm watch the cosplay compe. Next my friend bought 3 figurines [Monster Hunter - Rathalos, Nendroid - Vocaloid: Rin and Lin].

After that back on stage was Ichirou Mizuki Special Performance then a Previwe and FAQ with Koji Morimoto. Love his new animation work, he also said that he have a new idea on his new animation just by eating some of singapore’s local food. He’s one great person and one thing that he said that all people would say “Don’t limete your ideas”.

Took some pictures of cosplayers and figurines, at 5:30pm people where at the stage area and holding there grounds just to see May’N concert which starts at 7:15pm. While waiting someone let lose some ballons, then the main event of the day May’N went on stage and the Fans went wild, shouting, waving and singing along with her. She Sang 4 songs only but it was superb……..

I wish the event won’t end so early.

Need to invest in DSLR or a Panasonic G1…

The End of AFA’08 Anime Festival Asia’08


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    Just a great post KOINUCOOL, thank you SO MUCH for posting this! Looks like this was an awesome event, hope you had a great time! (Too bad I couldn’t join you!:p) : – )

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