Exclusive interview w/ American Cafekko BondS Fan Site!

Take two friends who share a common love for one of the most popular Japanese bands and a dash of NYAPPY and you got the American Caffekko BondS Fan Site! Created by Sharley and Kenston, American Caffekko BondS purpose is to bring together fans of An Cafe and spread messages of love and support to each other.

JPopexpress.com was given the privledge to interview the owners where we learned how they met and what their organization is all about!

Check out the American Cafekko BondS offical Myspace.com profile and their recently launched web site and forum!

Jpopexpress.com: Thank you for taking the time to do an interview with jpopexpress.com. Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

Sharley Rabbit: Hello everyone! I am Sharley, the East Coast moderator for American Cafekko BondS. I am honored to be doing this interview with Jpopexpress.com!

Kenston: Hi everyone, my name is Kenston and I live in the Portland Oregon area I have been a fan of An café sense Dec of 2006. Thank you so much Jpopexpress.com for letting us have an interview.

Sharley Rabbit: Hahah. I think we have both been An Cafe fans for about the same time, but yeah.

Jpopexpress.com: Was being fans is how you both met or did you know each other prior to your discovery of An Cafe?

Kenston: An Cafe is how we met on Myspace. We then met each other at Fanime last May.

Sharley Rabbit: Yeah, we met each other through the fandom, before Fanime. We were both very involved in the fandom/promotion of An Cafe and started talking a lot.

Kenston: After Fanime me and Sharley stayed in contact and became even more nyappy friends. We then decided that we would like to make an An Café fan site with one another.

Sharley Rabbit: Yeah, we wanted to create American Cafekko BondS to try to bring more Cafekko together and share our ideas for promoting the band here and helping the fans, too.

Sharley Rabbit: Yeah, we wanted a site that would truly bring other American Cafekkos together We don’t mind other people from different countries but we wanted a site for Americans so that we could be organized. It was funny. I was on vacation in Ohio when we decided to do this.

Kenston: We wanted a site that would truly bring other American Cafekkos together We don’t mind other people from different countries but we wanted a site for Americans so that we could be organized.

Sharley Rabbit: *nods in agreement*

Jpopexpress.com: Would you say the site is mainly geared towards the American audience?

Kenston: I would say yes. But any Cafekko is a friend of mine.

Sharley Rabbit: Yes. It mainly is. There was a girl from another country who wanted to participate in the Merch Group Order we had, and I would have helped her but she never got back to me after I told her I’d help. And I agree! Friends with all Cafekko!

Jpopexpress.com: That is great that you keep it open to everyone but I can understand the main purpose of being for American fans.

Kenston: We decided that being truly nyappy would be the only way to go. Any ideas on the site is discussed between us moderators but other then that Sharley is a great person to work with and comes up with many fun ideas.

Sharley Rabbit: Man, whatever. Kenston is like the king of awesome ideas. I’m amazed sometimes. Hahah. But yeah, he’s really great to work with, too!

Kenston: My definition of nyappy= Happy or good, Hello, How are you?, and goodbye.

Jpopexpress.com: Much like An Cafe promotes! It’s good to see that you carry that on as well!

Kenston: We try.

Sharley Rabbit: That we do!

Jpopexpress.com: Is it a lot of work to run the site? What kinds of things do you with it? Anything related to getting fans involved?

Kenston: Not really it’s just a fun giant hobby It’s really nice to see your work slowly come together and pay off.

Sharley Rabbit: Yeah. It’s pretty easy. And so many of our ideas are geared towards the fans. Like the merch orders that we’ll run once every few months, the video idea, the trip to Japan is an invitation for any American Cafekko already going to Japan this Summer is so we can all go see An Cafe together in Japan… uhm…. we try to work with fans as much as we can. If they submit ideas to us, then we help. One girl wanted to get a gift for the mods of the cafexblog on LiveJournal, so she asked if we would help promote that, so we did.

Kenston: We have lot’s of things that fans can do to help us Some of the events going on at this moment are The big nyappy Japan trip, video nyappy world, Cafekko pictures, and fan art.

Jpopexpress.com: Will the video and pictures be sent to the members of An Cafe?

Kenston: I would like any videos on youtube to our youtube channel and any videos given would be put on our site. We are not making a giant video to send to An Cafe but maybe in the future we will do something like.

JPopexpress.com: That’s great! Other fans can see the videos and maybe help inspire them to want to join in as well.

Kenston: yup

Sharley Rabbit: We hope we, along with all other fans, can help to inspire one another.

JPopexpress.com: For your trips to Japan do you all go together as a group and sight see and explore Japan in general?

Kenston: Well I was more thinking seeing and exploring Japan is up to the person going. It would be a lot of work to keep that organized but meeting at the An cafe concert is just fine for me to plan something like that.

Sharley Rabbit: Yeah, and as much as we would like to be able to organize that, everyone’s agenda for their vacation might not be the same. But for the An Cafe show, we would really like any of the American fans to connect with us there. Or any fans, you know.

JPopexpress.com: So many fans going can just join in at the lives and enjoy the show together?

Sharley Rabbit: Yeah of course! Hahah. I just think it would be cool if a lot of Americans went and were together for the show, it would show how much we also really love and support An Cafe.

JPopexpress.com: Have you ever met An Cafe and or told them about your purpose?

Kenston: I have been to Japan twice so I’m happy to give any information to anyone asking.

JPopexpress.com: I think you would be of great help to anyone going to Japan!

Kenston: Ok Kenston has a long story if you would like to write it

Sharley Rabbit: Kenston has FUN An Cafe experiences!!!

JPopexpress.com: Sure, please share your story with us!

Kenston: In 2006 I went to Japan for my first time I went with some of my Japanese friends to Harajuku in the Tokyo area I then went to takeshita dori to see the Japanese street fashion and culture. While I was walking down the street I saw to gentlemen walking past me wearing sunglasses and carrying shopping bags I then thought to myself that I have seen their faces before somewhere. I then told my friends that I’m pretty sure I bought their CD and that I knew who they where My Japanese friend told me that I must say hi to them because I’m American and they would like me to say hi. So I walked up to the to Miku the singer of the band and Kannon the basest and said “sumimasen, An café desuka?” “Excuse me but are you An Café? The both nodded their heads and said yes. I then told them in Japanese that I liked An Café and they both said thank you. My Japanese friends asked if I could take a picture with them but they said they couldn’t. This is because of rules in the Japanese music industry and maybe they didn’t want to create a scene. I then thanked them and they went on their way down the street of takeshita dori. From that experience I decided that An Café was such a nice band and really worthy of something to check out.

JPopexpress.com: What a lucky chance that you met them! You were in the right place at the right time for sure!

Kenston: That’s how I feel. I’m really good with faces and happy I was paying attention.

JPopexpress.com: Yes! Not everyone pays attention and can miss someone so easily. How did you feel after it happened? Were you in shock?

Kenston: Yes very much so. I was so happy and couldn’t stop talking about it.

JPopexpress.com: I bet!

Kenston: Sad thing is I don’t have any photo proof.

JPopexpress.com: Sometimes memories are enough so at least you have that!

Kenston: Very true.

JPopexpress.com: Are you affiliated with any j-music based companies to help promote or do you just really get out their and make your name known without any big companies help?

Sharley: Ah man, well when we started the group I tried making some affiliates to get the name out there. Groups like Nippon Project helped promote us some, as well. We have done a lot of promotion ourselves, and with the help of other Cafekko. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the help of An Cafe fans. They keep our bondS strong. Oh! And I don’t know if this falls into the same category, but recently I started working with Nippon Project as a writer, too.

JPopexpress.com: Fans can really help spread the word a lot! I think they can be anyone’s best promotional help.

Sharley Rabbit: They can! I saw so many bulletins posted on MySpace and people had our banners on their pages, and it’s just really heartwarming to see so much support.

JPopexpress.com: It’s nice to see others helping out. You recently opened up a web site and forum. What directions do you plan to take the site in?

Sharley Rabbit: Yes, we did. Thanks to the help of one of the Cafekko! ^__^ Well, we want another place than Myspace to announce news that An Cafe releases on their site, too. Like, we don’t want to post too many bulletins on MySpace or have our Event Blogs get lost or anything… it’s kind of for the sake of organization. The site is very new and it’s hard to say too much about it, haha. As for the forum, we really hope that people can further discuss anything An Cafe related, or related to our group there.

JPopexpress.com: You can only do so much on Myspace so having a site other than a profile will really help you expand your group even more! Do you feel you will have more creative control now?

Sharley Rabbit: We might. We are able to express our ideas easily through MySpace, but with the site running we might have more creative control. Hahaha.

JPopexpress.com: I believe you will and I think the ideas will come to you in time.

Sharley Rabbit: Aw, you’re sweet!

JPopexpress.com: An cafe has a unique fashion. Do you guys ever dress us like them?

Kenston: I have never cos played but if I ever needed any ideas I know they would be my first place to look.

Sharley Rabbit: Hahah. See, that’s one thing that was really interesting to me. I’ve always had a fashion sense that can be compared to the Japanese Street Styles. So when I first ever saw pictures or videos of them, I was amazed. I saw people who dressed really amazing and different from the “normal” thing, and I felt I could really understand that. I always pay attention to what they are wearing; they tend to have clothing that I get really jealous of, haha.

JPopexpress.com: Yes they do! I get jealous myself lol. Being that they dress much like you, you have found a special connection with them?

Sharley Rabbit: I really have. I heard the music before I knew what they looked like. The music already made me happy and I felt I could connect with the feel to the music…. but when I saw their fashion sense, too! It was overwhelming how much I knew that they would always be a top band for me. We all get lost in the world and feel like we’re misunderstood sometimes, so it’s nice when you find something that you can understand and helps you feel understood, too.

JPopexpress.com: Yes, you realize you’re not such an outcast after all! But I feel no one is an outcast. You have more of a free spirit and like to express it a little more than others do. Some people don’t know how to do that or are afraid to.

Sharley Rabbit: Mhm. I don’t think anyone is truly an outcast. We just need to be comfortable with who we are and express ourselves that way. Sometimes, it just takes time to find a world where you feel at ease.

JPopexpress.com: Exactly and like Kenston said about looking to them for ideas. Do you ever get ideas for fashion from them?

Sharley Rabbit: Hahah not really. More like I look at them and go, “I WANT HIS SHOES I WANT HIS JACKET!” Well, actually. Come to think of it!!!! Teruki’s silver jacket got me really hooked on silver for a while. I bought so many things in silver, and searched for a jacket similar to his for a while… never found one though, haha.

JPopexpress.com: Yeah that can be hard since it’s according to where you shop at as well.

Sharley Rabbit: Yeah, my friends tried helping me, but I never found anything close enough. Yuuki and Miku have inspiring fashions. I actually think I have a pair of pants like Yuuki’s or very similar at least.

JPopexpress.com: Even if it’s similar is enough to make you feel you can dress close enough to how they do.

Kenston: The other story I can talk about is my Fanime trip.

JPopexpress.com: Great!

Kenston: For my first experience with An Café at Fanime would have to be the day of the concert. I told my mother An Café was in California so if she saw anyone who looked like an An Café member that she should call me. Who would of guessed that in the afternoon I got a call from my mom why I was waiting in line and said she is standing right in front of Miku and he was eating at a café with a friend. I then asked my friends to switch out with me in line because time had come for my break and myself and my friend went to find my mom. Once I saw my mom she pointed to wear Miku was sitting and then told me not to let this chance go by and go say hello. I was so nervous and so was my friend. I had been practicing Japanese and wanted to know if he remembered me from 2006. My friend with me had met Miku at A-kon and was also very nervous to say hello. I then went up to Miku and asked if it was ok to talk and he smiled and said yes. I then asked him in Japanese if he remembered meeting me in 2006 and he said he did. I then told him that summer 2007 I saw him live three times and had lots of fun. He seemed very happy to hear what I said and then asked him if we could take a picture. He then said that would be fine and myself and my friend had our very own Miku photo shoot. My friend then asked if he remembered the Donald duck she gave him at Fanime and in his wonderful English he said yes, yes I remember. He then took a picture on his camera with the both of us. We thanked him for the experience and walked back to our friends to tell them what just happened. I was personally very happy to know that Miku remembered me and that he was so kind enough to take some time from his schedule and have a one on one with his fans. That night An Café performed one of their best lives I have ever seen and thank them so much for it.

JPopexpress.com: Wow you got lucky once again! Thanks to your mom as well you got to meet Miku again!

Kenston: I know. I tell her I never leave her out of the story lol.

Sharley Rabbit: He always thanks his mom! Hahah. Every time I hear him tell that story his mom gets a lot of credit. It’s sweet!!

JPopexpress.com: It is very sweet to mention your mom always! She really made it happen for you! It must of felt good to know he remembered you. Most artists don’t remember their fans since they meet so many people.

Kenston: The next day was the An Café meet and great and Question and answer. The meet and great was very nice to have I got to get my picture signed by Miku I told Teruki about my trip to Japan and seething them live I told Yuki and Takuya how much I liked their band And told Kanon that I was the one he meet in Tokyo and that I had fun at their lives. At the Q&A I got chosen by Teruki to ask a question. I then stood up and asked in Japanese Where is your favorite place to perform and why? Miku then stood up out of his chare and everyone game me a standing ovation. I thought this was a little much but felt so good inside for the work I put into learning how to say that to them in Japanese. They all answered my question and I was very pleased. Like I have said before I’m very glad that An Café has given me the chance to experience all that I did at Fanime and I hope to do it again sometime in the future.

JPopexpress.com: I think it’s great that you have had such fabulous experiences with them!

Kenston: Thank you!

JPopexpress.com: You’re very welcome! Some fans will sadly never get that lucky but it’s great to see that it is possible and that some do get to have these experiences!

Kenston: Yes I tell everyone that you have to go out there and make your dreams come true. Luck is involved but I always told myself that I was going to make this a great experience.

JPopexpress.com: Yes I agree! You have to make things happen as well!

Sharley Rabbit: Hahah. Though I have never had the experiences that Kenston has had, I believe that if you try hard enough then you can make good things like that happen.

JPopexpress.com: Absolutely!

Sharley Rabbit: Also, if you are a good person then you get rewarded with good things.

JPopexpress.com: That’s right!

Kenston: I second that!

JPopexpress.com: It’s been announced that An Café might come to America. Are you excited?


Sharley Rabbit: !!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Hahahaha!

Kenston: I have made some YouTube videos telling An Cafe how excited I am for them to come.

Sharley Rabbit: We keep telling everyone to make videos or comment them letting them know how much we want them back in America!

Kenston: Even though I plan to go to Japan this summer one of the American dates will be added to my list if it happens.

Sharley Rabbit: Seconded!

JPpopexpress.com: Is there anything you would like to say to fans of your site or to An Cafe or to anyone in general?

Sharley Rabbit: Hahah STAY NYAPPY! Please Spread our BondS! We are very grateful to have so much support so far, your love and support is what helps our site to stay running! I’m looking forward to seeing another An Cafe live show! Uhm…. always keep trying! Do your best and believe in yourselves! Good things will happen! And to Jpopexpress.com: You guys are awesome!!! LOVE NYAPPY!

Kenston: An Café and fellow Cafekkos thank you so much for all you have done Without An Café I would never been able to experience all my nyappy adventures. All the help we get from fellow fans means so much to us Without Cafekkos our site would not work Thank you so much jpopexpress.com for asking us to do a interview I would never thought that someone would look at our work As something to talk about to other j rockers I’m glad I can play a part in the Japanese music world Again thank you so much everyone for everything you have done Nyappy Love

JPopexpress.com: You’re very welcome and thank you so much for doing an interview with us! We had a lot of fun and wish you guys the best of luck!

Kenston: Thank you!

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    Great to see you back “Around the J-World” Pebbles, with an absolutely “bang-up job” as always! Ja ne! :)

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