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Galaxy 7

Galaxy 7 is an electro-rock band from Tokyo, Japan heating up the music scene with their high energy danceable songs. Vocalist Daisuke Tsutsui took some time out to answer some questions about his band, career and how it all came to be. Thank you for taking a moment to answer our questions, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Galaxy 7: Hello this is Galaxy 7 from Tokyo, Japan! I’m a man and my favorite food is pasta!

JPE: When did you decide to create Galaxy 7 and why?

Galaxy 7: In 2008 I started Galaxy 7 because I wanted to play my concert at Electro-Rock party in Tokyo at that time. That’s all haha.

JPE:  How did you come up with the name Galaxy 7 and what does it mean?

Galaxy 7: Suddenly I came up with this name in my home. I don’t know why haha!

And there is no meaning! But it is like a huge image and catchy, I like that!

JPE: You make electro-rock style music, where do you look to for inspiration for that type of style?

Galaxy 7: Umm I don’t look for inspiration for that. Suddenly I can hear the music in my brain. When I make a style of music, I don’t think about anything. How can I explain…
I concentrate and just playing the music in my brain and imagine something.

JPE: What is the process involved when it comes to writing new music, do you write lyrics first, then music to fit the lyrics or vice-versa?

Galaxy 7: I usually write a song when I’m sleeping. There is music around me in my dreams. When I wake up the next morning I record the melody and make a note of arrangement. After I finish writing the music I write the lyrics.

JPE: What programs or instruments do you use to compose your music with?

Galaxy 7: My music software program is ProTools. And I usually play a guitar. Sometimes play piano. I used to make a sound by breaking a rock, crushing an iron plate…

JPE: Do you prefer working alone or collaborating with other musicians?

Galaxy 7: Always alone. I do everything.

JPE: What do you enjoy the most, performing live, being on the road or working in the studio?

Galaxy 7: The most?… Umm… When I read messages and comments from fans; “come to my country” “I listen to your music every night”… The fans voices are my energy. I can say to myself “you are not wrong”. They got me making more music.

JPE: What is the main message you are trying to convey with your music?

Galaxy 7: It is difficult to say in English haha. Well, basically I don’t have any messages with my music. I want to portray “reaching the limit”, “extreme”, “ultimate” feelings of human. Fear, anger, sadness, happiness… whatever. My lyrics are a little strange. Even in Japanese. I want the listener to feel very strong emotions. If you are getting mad, I want you to get mad more. If you feel sad, I want you to feel sad more. Do you understand what I’m saying?

JPE: At what age did you know you wanted to be a professional musician?

Galaxy 7: When I was 8 or 9 years old I wanted to be a super guitarist like Randy Rhoads haha! My sister had a guitar (she was very heavy metal girl!) I used to play it.

JPE:  If you could not be a musician, what else would you like to be?

Galaxy 7: Movie director, worker at volunteer organization, backpacker…

JPE: What is your biggest achievement in music and what are you most proud of?

Galaxy 7: 2nd place in Avima Music Award 2010.

JPE:  You sing a lot in English, how did you learn the language and do you know any other languages?

Galaxy 7: I know just only Japanese and a little English. About ten years ago I started to learn English by English lesson on the radio station. And I went to international party and international events to make foreigner friends. It was so hard. Nobody wanted to be my friend. Because I’m a normal Japanese guy who can’t speak English. If I was cute Japanese girl, many guys would be my friend haha.

One day, I met an American guy in the party. His name is Ehren Berger. He was an English teacher at elementary school and living in Tokyo. He had no friends in Japan because he didn’t speak Japanese. So it was so hard to talk with him but we had the same taste about music. After that we were meeting every week and talking about music. He never spoke Japanese so my English was getting better. He went back to his country a half a year later. Now he is still good friend of mine.

I bought a dog 5 years ago. His name is Randy Berger. “Randy” is from Randy Rhoads.”Berger” is from him. Oh sorry too much talking.

JPE:  You have performed in New York, France, Indonesia and Japan, what other countries would like you to perform in?

Galaxy 7: I’d like to perform in any countries. But especially, North Korea. It is not a joke.

I’d like North Korean people to listen to my music. I don’t know if they know or don’t know rock music. And I want to talk with them about our culture and relationship between Japan and North Korea like that.

JPE:  What do you enjoy doing for a hobby when you are not performing or working in the studio?

Galaxy 7: Driving with my dog in my car, watching a movie. And I like seeing water. River, rain, sea, pond… whatever.

JPE: What is your biggest dream for Galaxy 7 and how do you hope to achieve it?

Galaxy 7: Of course I want to be a big star in the world haha. All of musician’s think like that! And I want to be a person who is influential with people in the world. Because I just want to tell “peace” to many people in the world.

JPE: Who are your biggest supporters in your music career?

Galaxy 7: Biggest? I can’t say that. Because I have been supported by many people and I’m always helped by somebody.

JPE: Where do you see yourself and your career in ten years?

Galaxy 7: I can see that but I can’t tell haha!

JPE: What future projects do you have planned for Galaxy 7 that your fans can look forward to?

Galaxy 7: I will release my new digital album this summer. After that I will have concerts in various countries.

JPE: Please give a message to your fans.

Galaxy 7: Thank you very very very much for supporting Galaxy 7.

Galaxy 7 is not a big artist and has very slow activity. But you are always giving me power. If I don’t have any fans I can’t keep doing my music. I really appreciate it.

And thank you for loving Japanese musicians. I’m so glad as a Japanese person.

I love you too. It is the beginning of peace. This is such a great thing and I like that.

I hope to see you soon in your country!!

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Kanzen ni Jrock:

Questions written by Jennifer Oleari and Henade Tenshi
Answered by Daisuke Tsutsui
Edited by Pebbles Karu
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    Hi Jennifer! You are very welcome and thank you so much for your help and support! I am glad you enjoyed the interview as well! Thank you for commenting! ^_^

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  • March 13, 2012 | Permalink |

    Hey Pebbles, Thank you for the funny & interesting article about a very talented man!

    It was cute when Daisuke started talking about his dog & got concerned he was talking too much!

    I hope everyone continues to support Galaxy 7 because he really deserves it!

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