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Celebrating her 10th anniversary this year in the music biz, Bonnie Pink, with her direct and natural, yet pretty and uniquely-stylized sound, is out to capture the ears, hearts, and minds of not only her native Japan, but overseas audiences as well. This article serves to provide a brief introduction to Bonnie, her music, and background, to those of you Japanese music fans who may not be all that familiar with her, yet!

Known for her appearance at the ‘South by Southwest’ (‘SXSW’) live music event in Austin, Texas (held in March, 2005), as well as her featured theme songs in the anime ‘GANTZ’ and ‘Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X,’ Bonnie is attempting in her own unique way to do what few Japanese artists have been able to accomplish thus far: succeed in the overseas, non-Asian music market! And her strategy? Maintain her original, "independent" sound that is Japanese at its roots, yet heavily influenced by Western-style rock music, tour extensively overseas & collaborate with Western musicians, and utilize such new and emerging channels for the independent artist as the iTunes Music Store. With a strong, already-established musical foundation and ever-growing support for her high-quality, fresh, and original "new music," the future looks very bright for Bonnie Pink. Stay tuned for more from Bonnie as we will be sure to bring you all of her latest news and updates!


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Singer-Song Writer BONNIE PINK was born on April 16th, 1973. She made a sensational debut in 1995 with her 1st album, "Blue Jam." FM stations nationwide began to air Bonnie’s music, speaking extremely highly of this young talented female singer-song writer. Bonnie then went on to release "Heaven’s Kitchen" in 1997 and "evil and flowers" in 1998, the latter being produced by the Swedish producer, Tore Johansson. Bonnie relocated herself the same year to NYC where her she added depth and spirituality to her music. The following year, she met Mitchell Froom (known as the producer of Elvis Costello, Cibo Matto, Suzanne Vega etc) and co-produced "Let go" in LA. In 2001, Bonnie released 3 consecutive singles, "Take Me In", "Thinking Of You", "Nemurenai Yoru (Sleepless Night)", plus her 5th full album, "Just a Girl." This year, 4 titles are scheduled for release.

The latest single, "Tonight, the Night", released on January 2003, was produced together by Tore Johansson and Bonnie Pink. This track reached the #1 spot at many FM stations and achieved great popularity among the youths. The next album, "Present", was produced by Matt Cooper of "OUT SIDE" and Bonnie Pink. The album was recorded in London and released on February 19, 2003. The album is characterized by opposing feelings, such as dry/wet or strong/weak, showing that Bonnie has reached new heights in her career through its release. She also released her live DVD+CD package through her own label, PIXSTAR.

Bonnie’s first single in 2004, "Private Laughter", was her second collaborative piece with Tore Johansson and this track was ranked #1 on J-WAVE for 4 consecutive weeks. Her next single, "Last Kiss", became a masterpiece that crossed the boundaries of the pop genre. On May 12th she released her 7th full-album, "Even So", which is fully produced by Tore Johansson. Bonnie’s growth as a singer-song writer was very evident in this release, as her music presented us with an intricate combination of power and flexibility. Her music represented the pinnacle of pop music in an original format and became a long-seller.

2005 marks Bonnie Pink’s 10th anniversary and she has been recording and performing overseas since early January. Back in Japan, Bonnie will release her first cover album "Reminiscence", which features artists that she has worked closely with. The songs selected present the roots of her musical inspirations and is sung in a free-spirited and relaxed style.

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